Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When Christmas Makes You Feel Like a Little Mis-Fit on a Weird Island...

I have the Christmas Time Blues. 
This is our first year away from home, 
surrounded by everything un-familiar. 

And there's no snow here in Seattle!!!

I find myself wandering around the house, wondering
how to get into the spirit of Christmas.
I decided we should make yummy food. 
So we made gingerbread houses
The kids and I put more candy in our bellies than on the gingerbread. But still I felt a little like I was just going through the motions.  Then, I decided we should decorate the tree.
So we did.
I let the kids have at it, and stood back behind the scenes. Many of our ornaments were given to us hand made, some of them are from teachers who made ornaments with the Vaughnlings in school.  We have a very eclectic tree -- but I have to say -- each ornament reminds me of years gone by and of all the good times and people in our lives. And I felt sad. 
Dang it! 
Decorating the tree was supposed to help with the blues!!!

So, I decided to buy some new Christmas tunes. 
I bought this, and this

They are most lovely albums! And you are definitely going to
want to add them to your holiday collection!

(most of you already have this one, which is a
sure favorite around here for 
obvious reasons...)

But it hasn't been the food, the decorating, or 
the music that has helped with my
Christmas Time Blues.
It has been this:

my Gratitude Journal.


When we moved away last Spring, I decided to 
keep a Gratitude Journal faithfully. Each night before I go to bed,
I list 5 things I'm grateful for. 
Going back and reading through my little journal
has done wonders for my spirit.
When the blues strike - the secret saboteur - this
has become my favorite homeopathic remedy.
I got the idea from here.
one of my favorite all time books.
Thanks for reading. Hope to see you soon.  Tell me if you need anything.  More soon.  Happy Wednesday.  You are incredible.
 and Big humongous love to you,